Daptone Records is a funk and soul independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York, most well known for Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and Charles Bradley.


Carpark Records was the first label we worked with for label management in 2007. We were contacting founder Todd Hyman regularly regarding possible licences for Europe. Beach House (where a license had just been arranged) and then Dan Deacon were artists we really wanted to work with. This made us think, this is a great label, how can we work with them and get their records selling, working and building in Europe? Thus the label management idea was born. One of the first album releases we worked on was Panda Bear’s now legendary ‘Person Pitch’ for Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label which Todd also managed. Carpark’s base is Washington, D.C and currently home to Speedy Ortiz, Toro Y Moi, Skylar Spence, TEEN, Young Magic, Greys, and more.

Ba Da Bing

We have recently started working with Ba Da Bing Records on the self titled Cross Record LP.

Ba Da Bing Records is an American record label based in Brooklyn, New York. The name is derived from the saying “ba da bing, ba da boom”, common among Italian-Americans especially in New Jersey. The label was founded in Leonia, New Jersey in 1994 by Ben Goldberg.

Native Cat

Our newest addition, Native Cat Recordings is a home for genre-defying artists of the West Coast and beyond. Founded by Jenny Gillespie Mason in 2010 as Narooma Records, the possibility for both ruggedly established and freshly embarked musicians to release new music in an overwhelmingly vast and ephemeral music landscape, led to rebrand and relaunch the label as Native Cat in 2018. Their roster includes a host of fantastic up & coming artists such Brijean, Sis & Luke Temple.

Bar None.

We came into contact with Bar/None Records via a release we licensed to them for the USA. One thing lead to another and we got chatting about a brand new (brilliant) Feelies album. Since then we’ve worked on their Feelies and Alex Chilton re-issues among others. Our biggest success came with Ezra Furman who we helped establish on the UK live circuit (his first UK tour was a sell-out) and at radio with BBC 6 Music being big supporters. Bar/None is based in Hoboken, New Jersey, established in 1986.

Basin Rock

Basin Rock is a Todmorden based record label named after a rock formation overlooking the Calder Valley. Expertly cultivated to yield harvests of the finest  psychedelic folk and a place of refuge for others tredding the field boundary. The European homestead for current crops Julie Byrne, Jim Ghedi and Aoife Nessa Frances. https://www.basinrock.co.uk/

100% Silk

100% Silk’s roster features underground house and atmospheric/experimental music by artists such as Ital, Maria Minerva, Dylan Ettinger, Kaazi, and Innergaze, released in intentionally retro formats like 12” vinyl singles and cassette tapes.

Goner Records

Goner Records is an independent record label and record store co-owned by Eric Friedl of The Oblivians and Zac Ives and is based in Memphis, Tennessee. It is known for releasing albums by punk and garage rock bands such as the King Khan & BBQ Show and the late Jay Reatard. The label also hosts Goner Fest, an annual Memphis music festival.

Company Records.

Company Records was born when Carpark Records’ independent spirit Toro Y Moi aka Chaz Bundick realised his urge to start his own label with the help of the Carpark imprint. It includes his records as Les Sins as well as Keith Mead and Vinyl Williams.

Dais Records.

Dais is an American bi-coastal independent record label founded in August 2007 by musicians Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin, based in both Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY . It was in Spring 2013 we first heard about Dais, whilst over in Austin for the SXSW festival. Checking out bands away from the madness of downtown, we caught Cold Showers rocket through an amazingly tight set to a room mainly made up of locals. Turns out the band were signed to Dais and we ended up helping with the follow up Cold Showers record in Europe. Dais have reissued records from the likes of William S Burroughs and Psychic TV, as well as releasing contemporary music from Youth Code and Drab Majesty amongst others.


Totally Gross National Product.

TGNP is an American independent record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded by musicans Ryan Olson (Gayngs) and Drew Christopherson (Polica). It is best known for issuing records by Lizzo, Poliça, and Marijuana Deathsquads. We were introduced to TGNP by Nona of Dark Dark Dark who’s records we’d put out on Melodic. She sent us a new project of hers called RONiiA, which was set to come out with Totally Gross. We got chatting to Drew and Jake who were in need of distribution and promotion throughout Europe, we jumped at the chance to get involved.



Spunk Records is an Australian independent record label legendary in Oz for licensing some of the best talent around the world for Australia and New Zealand. Joanna Newsom, Mac DeMarco, My Morning Jacket, Antony & The Johnsons, Mogwai, are a handful of names plucked at random! They’re also the label for some of Australia and NZ’s best home-grown talent in Nadia Reid, Tiny Ruins and Aldous Harding among others. We fell in love with Nadia Reid’s debut album ‘Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs’ in 2015 and have been working with Spunk since then.


Melodic is our own label, founded in 1999 by David Cooper and still active today thanks to manager Andy Moss. Home to Working For A Nuclear Free City, Stephen Steinbrink, Dark Dark Dark, L. Pierre, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Drink, Man Of Moon, The Soundcarriers and many more.

Not Not Fun.

We’ve been fans of Not Not Fun for some time and recently had the chance to work on Umberto’s new release ‘Alienation’. This was followed by an ambient masterpiece from Les Halles. We’re looking forward to working on many more stellar releases from the label.

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